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Friday, March 28, 2008

Michael Baisden's Show off the Air in Los Angeles?

Well, I knew that something like this would happen. I am an avid Michael Baisden Show listener. A couple of days ago, the Bad Boy was sent a memo while on air asking him not to discuss the violence going on in Los Angeles.

I live in the Chicago listening area and was puzzled about said violence. Apparently, there is violence connected to the shooting of a high school football player who was murdered steps from his home in L.A. by an illegal Mexican immigrant recently released from jail. Apparently, Mr. Baisden was going to discuss it on his show that day and was asked not to do so by station managers and or producers. The Los Angeles radio station that carries his nationwide syndicated show threatened to take him off of the air in L.A. if he discussed the violence that has ensued there behind the senseless killing of yet another promising Black youth.

The Bad Boy was flabbergasted that he would be asked not to reach out to the community in which he too lives.
Yesterday it was announced that the station in L.A. was being sold and they would not keep his show on the air for whatever reason.
This is a travesty. How can that station's owners deprive all of L.A. of Michael Baisden? Every black person with ears listens to this man and some whites and Hispanics and everybody!
Why attack the messenger?

Michael Baisden is a very popular afternoon drive time radio talk show host. He is a connection between all of us in this country who want to be involved in our community.

But naw--not talking about things like single parenting, race relations, male/female relations, personal finance is best for L.A.
Why not take Rush Limbaugh off of the air? I don't listen to him nor do I think what he says is important. He is divisive and should be investigated by the FBI for interfering in the US Election process. However, to my knowledge he can keep spreading his typhoid across the airwaves unchecked.

I hope the people of Los Angeles stand up for Michael Baisden and his show--and in effect, themselves. They should sound off to the new owners and ask for a reversal of the decision to end the Bad Boy's show.
Mike also said that listeners who want to stay in touch should go to and sign up for the newsletter.