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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama vs Clinton: Dem Debate down to the wire

Obama is a class act and from what I heard, people are listening.
Obama's answer during the CNN debate on what and who this country needs as far as national intelligence, was the most astute and in tune response from anyone

running for the White House that I have ever heard.

Good intelligence is what makes or breaks. I'm glad Sen. Obama knows that.

The difference between the GOP debate and the Dems are the

GOP questions are specific. The Dem questions are more general. The GOP is clearly

for those of us who earn $75,000 or more. The Dems realize all of us

matter. Dems in this case means Barack Obama.
Thinking Americans who make a difference, vote Obama. Those who

don't listen well or who think debates are boring--well they sway

Don't get me wrong-- I like Hillary, she's cool but like she said in the

debate--the president will have lots of problems to deal with when he

gets there. This country needs a real leader who will get respect--not a follower or an administrator. Their place is not as commander-in-chief but as support staff.

Obama thinks before he acts and speaks. Watch him carefully when he responds to a question and compare his thoughtful response to the off-the-cuff auto-responses of the other candidates. Who do they care about? Who are they speaking for--special interest groups only? Lobbyists? What about the American people for once! Don't we matter?

Obama is more translucent than Hillary and any of the Republican candidates--and he looks cleaner morally--which matters (respectfully) to
leaders of other countries. We have to keep that in mind. Americans are

not the only people on this planet. Obama can think globally--which

will advance this country as the days roll on. He's already

international and inclusive. That type of thinking works out better

macro economically. Look at how well the Euro is doing and how many of the wealthy have moved there to enjoy that wealth. That wealth used to be the strong American dollar. Oh and by the way, in Indiana, the poverty line for a family of four is $40,000.

It's hard to forget some of the things Hillary and Bill did while they

were there in the White House. It got this country laughed at and

humiliated--which isn't good when speaking of leadership and leaders.

We have to be respected and respectable. However, nothing the the Clintons can ever do or have done makes the case for yet another insensitive Republican elected to this nation's highest office. This country can do better than that. We're not desperate.

Will the Clintons really care about me and you this time around?
That is why I'm going with Obama because he is more of a trail blazer

-- like many of us in this country.
We are making our own path in this world the best way we can.