Friday, December 16, 2011

Small businesses need help and innovation

Small business owners need to be able to access funds for operating costs. Small businesses need presenters to come to them and explain how to utilize solar and wind technology to cut their skyrocketing utility costs. They need financial help to institute these energy changes.

When we help the small business, sector we truly help America. As it stands now, the small business sector is still being decimated. The industry can no longer be used as an economic indicator.

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rsctt said...

It is true that we (small business) the biggest employer except the government in the US need help. That will come IF and WHEN the FED. steps out of the way. As Steve Jobs put it, they, and their over regulation are THE BIGGEST hinderance on the success of small or any business. Having been a both levels on business, employee and employer; the government simple act as middlemen taking their "cut" of the pie, while adding NO contibution to job creation, innovation, or business creation. It is an oxymoron to think that they actually "help".