Friday, September 09, 2011

American (People) Jobs Act

I had a blog entry all ready to post from the five pages of notes I wrote during the president's speech Thursday but I said, 'Nah, don't post it yet.'

Here is a collection of other people's impressions from around the Web. If you will notice, however I titled this post "The American People Jobs Act," so that nay sayers against the Act can understand that to downplay or nix this pending legislation is to downgrade the average American person who is looking for a job--and why would any true, red-blooded American want to do something like that?

Oh I forgot-- it would be a sad, continuing effort by so-called adult members of Congress to hurt the president personally. Okay, take it outside boys and girls. Don't waste America's time with your privileged, rich girl and boy partisan, disconnected-from-reality tickle fights. We do not have time for it. Furthermore, it would be my suggestion to you that if you have a job/career to go to, then go and do said job whilst you still have one because by the grace of the Almighty, I don't know who voted for you and I bet they are sorry now. (Except Wall Street--the entity puppeteering the Tea Party Movement) Help the president help the American People and be a real member of the GOP for a change and not this creepy, satanic, neo-conservative blend you have become. 
I will tell you what I really think in another post.

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