Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NewsDaily: Republicans blast Obama, not each other

NewsDaily: Republicans blast Obama, not each other: "- Sent using Google Toolbar" ~see, I'm not the only one...

My official rant

The Republican campaign theme cannot be "our focus is to get Obama out of the White House."
What has he done that he should be made to leave? Keep his campaign promises? Please.

All republicans right now look like robberbarrons who have ripped off their base for the very last time, last month. Your base is waiting for you neo cons to leave so they can have their party back. So when you get your house together, then get a decent candidate, maybe your base will have you back into the fold.
Your base is just as broke as everyone else. Big business and the corporate right are keeping you afloat and also keeping the jobs away from the American people--to spite us for voting for Obama--a regular person--not an out-of-touch intellectual--and to spite the president himself.
Shame on you. Not everyone knows the top one percent and their corporate girl and boy Friday. Us proletariat usually just call you guys "they."
The invisible they. When blogger start calling you out, things are pretty bad down here where us working folks and poor live.
Food costs are at an all time high and so are fuel costs. We are embroiled in skirmishes across the globe and being asked to enter more wars than we can afford to enter. America as the cash cow has ended because a real person is at the purse strings. President Barack Obama is a normal person who went to law school and got married and had some kids. Only, he took it to the next level and ran successfully for public office. He made serious changes while there and took a shot at the top spot and won.
He and his supporters have been taking some serious stripes for that for three years. He is not a blue-blood, rich guy. Generations and generations of his family don't have silver spoons to pass down the lineage. So that makes Obama a regular guy who had to pay off his student loans and pay utility bills and worry over kids and how they are doing in school and his mom and his grand mom--just like everyone else who can't hop in a spaceship and zoom away if the world explodes or something else as ghastly.
I will not be punished or blamed for using my democratic right to vote for the best candidate. I don't have a job so I read a lot now. And I look at the people in charge. I read faces too. I'm just a pawn on a chess board when I'm not totally invisible or considered unimportant. Myself as a Democrat and my neighbors as Republicans are in the same boat, different ends and we are tired of the unfruitful bull crap that is constantly floated past our noses. Some of these candidates run under the assumption that "the people" will take whatever you have to give and you can say one thing then do another. No more. All presidents will be held to the standard Obama has set because he has raised the bar for elected public officials.

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