Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Elite Advantage Card for Steppers

The Elite Advantage Card is here, and trust me, the picture does it no justice. The card is made with a metallic silver background, silver frosted tip VIP numbers (like those on a credit card ... you can't see this feature on the picture), and a signature strip on the back for personalization. The design features the Chicago skyline in the background, paying homage to Steppin's roots, but the network is Nationwide. ChiStepper will work daily to expand our Elite Advantage Card offerings and make the card more attractive to both national and local audiences.

The purpose of the card is to offer the Steppin' Community exclusive discounts and access to services that they'd most likely have to pay full price for. Now when you go to a Workshop, Private Steppers Lesson, Steppers Party, or even a local business, you can flash your Elite Advantage Card and receive a discount or related Special Offer. ChiStepper will also hold raffles and giveaways which will only be available to Elite Advantage Card holders.

We've launched with a solid list of participants offering a variety of discounts, including: Charnice Simmons, Dre & Company, Keith Hubbard, Sunshine Haywood, and Tyk Myn, businesses like Jackson Hewitt Tax Services, and parties like Ken Bedford's Afterwork Networking and Steppers Affair, The Majestic Gents, DeJa Vu and the Sam Chatman, ChiStepper.com, and Dre & Company Capricorn Ball. Speaking of the Capricorn Ball, the first 10 people to purchase the card GET IN FREE! ChiStepper also has verbal commitments from VIP Productions, Lady Margaret, and others who are still creating their promotions!

The Card costs $25, but that's a small price if you consider the savings, exclusive access, and prize participation activities that you'll benefit from for an entire year. That's right, the Card doesn't expire until December 31st, 2010. To purchase the card and see all of the promotions, CLICK HERE or www.chistepper.com/elitecard check out the main navigation link titled "Elite Advantage Card" above, and make sure to check out the drop down menu where the various promotional categories are hosted.

If you're a promoter, instructor, or business owner in any state and you'd like to participate, email ChiStepper@yahoo.com to request a brief enrollment form where you can create a promotion. It's totally free to enroll and offer a promotion. Steppers, check the lists daily to see the new additions. If there is a certain discount category and/or group that you'd like to participate, let us know and we'll go after them.
Be part of the Elite Club and don't forgot, the first 10 purchases will get FREE ADMISSION to the Sam Chatman, ChiStepper.com, and Dre & Company Capricorn Ball at the MultiMillion dollar establishment, Alhambra Palace. That's a $15 savings for a $25 card ... can you beat that? Purchase the card by CLICKING HERE.

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