Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh, so all of a sudden, we're surprized.

Please. Read the newspaper sometimes. Illinois isn't the only corrupt state in our Union. Everyone feigns so much surprise.
Why is it we all know what "pay to play politics" means?

Patrick Fitzgerald could gray your hair with the stories he could tell--if he could tell it.
Where do you think writers get info to make the mob movies?
, of course and the rest they say they make up. What about the books alleged and proven mobsters have written? Where did they get that info? If we weren't so busy romanticizing crime and sociopathic behavior, much of this would not happen.
Kids nowadays seem to think being a gangster or hustler is good business. This is just grown people doing what they think they have to do. Everyone wants wealth and excessive wealth and they think that is a better way to it.
Not so. Ask Rod.
However, crime happens everyday. What I don't understand is the ease in which we want to write off the 44th President and the city from which he hails.
I had a friend call me last night screaming about the way Fixed News characterizes Barack. They have always done this.
"But why are they trying to implicate him in all of this," Toni said.
"I don't know. Maybe because it is their news station and they can do as they please or maybe because they are racists or both or neither--I don't know. I turn the news off after Wolfe Blitzer," I said.
Then she said something about they're going to gray his hair and I said running for president did that over time.
Then we changed the subject because we could not come up with a satisfactory answer.
We were stumped and saddened but used to corruption of some type being reported on the news.
The most shocking thing was the reading of the transcript by the feds yesterday. They said Rod was so overtly allegedly criminally involved that he threatened to pull a whole lotta other folk down with him in a very short period of time, so they had to stop him.
Now, that's the shameful part. The delusion of doing right. It's more shameful for Rod because he is a lawyer. He is expected to know the law whether he is a criminal attorney or not.
I guess that is why he was arrested at his home, like a gangster, one newsologist said. Or maybe he didn't want to cooperate with the fed's suggestions--I dunno.
People in Chicago said they feel bad about what happened, he seemed to start out helping those in need but they were ashamed their governor was arrested.
It is not mentioned if those same people were ashamed when other Illinois governors were arrested on corruption charges.
I guess because the national spotlight is on Chicago--in a good way--it just seems so sad to be knocked right down to the ground again.
Well, shit happens. The 44th still hails from Chicago and this scandal will go away soon. However, if behaviors aren't changed the outcomes will be the same and this scenario will be played out again and again.

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