Monday, November 03, 2008

Barack's campaign has made me a better human being

I really listened to Barack's campaign speech on Monday, the day before the Election.
and realized he was just telling us all along how to be more patriotic and how that would help us grow as people and as citizens of the United States.
He talked about simple, easy steps that can improve us as a people through practicing personal responsibility. This is a subject not often talked about these days let alone my candidates running for office but Barack talked about it all of the time.
Being responsible to self and children, keeping promises are all things we learned in school or at home but sometimes in a fast-paced, competitive world, we forget. Okay, I'll speak for myself--I forget.
Listening to Sen. Obama on the campaign trail has been delightful and educational and I have realized things about myself and Barack and Michelle and this country we live in that I had not known before.

Looking at all of the people who attended the rallies--just like I did-- is exciting. Imagine an exciting political rally. I was so excited by watching the campaign unfold that I started to blog about it, take photos and interview people.
I now have at least 100 videos related to ordinary people like me who are energized by the prospect of an Obama Administration.
To be frank, it gave me hope again that things would get better.
That hope came in handy as sometimes I didn't want to smile let alone ask questions of people. Sometimes I would say why bother because no one asked me to do this. I initially volunteered be cause I saw a need for a voice like mine, talking about how effective and enriching Barack's campaign was becoming.
Watching Barack and his staff and volunteers work so hard day in and out--in the face of disappointment and jubilation, rough waters and smooth sailing was inspirational. They worked hard until they got it done. To me, that is not only a quality I would want as a quality in myself but also my President.
Thanks, Barack for leading the way.
Photos: Presidential Candidate Barack Obama addresses supporters at a Vote for Change rally held in Highland, Indiana October 31, 2008 by Leslie Jones McCloud

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