Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Whass been goin on

Y'all would not BELIEVE the ____ I have been going through lately. And, of course, it is mostly self-caused.
That one guy I used to talk about all the time won't talk right to me anymore so I gave up and I'm too busy anyways. So I mostly just work and these guys that I meet want to know why I don't have a boyfriend. They are poking around trying to figure out what is wrong with me. (where will they start?) I told one guy the problem is that I talk too much, I'm hardheaded and don't like being bossed around so I have no man. He started bossing me around so I left.

By the way, the most popular link on my Web site, http://photosmidwest.blogspot.com is the "Drunk As Hell" link to all of the photos of tore-up folk. Go check it out.
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I'm on Facebook too
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