Sunday, July 02, 2006

It Was Almost Like A Religious Experience

Frankie Beverly poses with fan, Leslie McCloud

I had never seen Frankie Beverly featuring Maze live before tonight. It was almost like a religious experience. It was like getting your first choice in anything. It was like falling in love over and over again. It was like getting exactly what you
want and having it work out all right.
It was like a sigh. It was like tears of joy. It was like a Baby's first smile. It was like all was right without the world. It was Frankie Beverly and Maze. These guys have been around for 40 years and they still got it going on. Frankie got some chops. He gives love to the audience and of course, the audience loves him back.
It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. And he's cute too.
I told Mr. Beverly that "I Can Tell By the Look in Your Eyes, That You're Falling In Love With Me." (ooh baby) He said, "Yeah" and nodded his head.
That is one of my favorite songs. He looked at me--I guess to see if he could judge my age or maybe that I noticed he didn't sing it or maybe that he sang everything else almost and I still mentioned that one. All of their songs are my favorites. People were at the outdoor concert Chicago Style Stepping and showing out with it and looking good too. Folks were doing the electric slide (a dance) in the grass--and doing it well.
But when they performed "Joy and Pain" Lawd we all lost it. He bongoed and keyborded and teased us with the intro. I wiped tears later, thinking about it. The crowd unleashed what ever they were holding back into one great big fury of Joy.