Sunday, June 04, 2006

On Dissecting Blacks

Television producers and Newsroom managers: Please stop producing

and writing segments that ineffectively dissect African American

men and their community. To examine a problem you have to know a

problem. Mainstream America doesn't know the Black man or the Black

woman because they don't know the person--they know the persona.

Everyone has a persona.
You don't need to dissect a persona.
African American men and women want to be free to pursue their desires as do

White ones and Mexican ones and Asian ones. We all

want the same but have different routes to get there.
Some want to marry and raise a family financially and emotionally.
Some simply want to live in peace and not be in the corporate world

or wealthy or have a family at all.
Some just want to have a baby and let it raise itself. Some don't

understand what they want to do and do it anyway and when the times

get tough--they go.
And some are just self-destructive. They want to be a pimp, playa,

hustle and maybe grow-up one day.
One real solution is that African Americans need to create their

own wealth. Start a business needed in your community, put up with

your people and the baggage they carry and keep your money in your

community. Start a union in your community at your business and pay

union wages to your people. And live in your community because

well-to-do whites are running out of places to live Black-free.
(y'all know what I'm talking about)
Have you noticed that whites aren't breaking down the door to live

in economically depressed or wealthy Black areas? If the community

is on the upswing, then the indigenous peoples are priced right out

of the neighborhood or they sell and move.
African Americans make a habit of finding the whitest area--no

matter if the schools are crap or not--and move in and then cry

when the KKK is on the doorstep burning crosses.
(is it because there is too much crime in our communities?)
We don't like living in our own community that much and I know why

but if decent Whites and Mexicans can live and work amongst

themselves without needing or seeking out others to bolster their

community, why can't we?


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