Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why Do I Take It Personally?

I'm just a fan--only a fan. I wanted all of my favorite artists to win big at this year's Grammy Awards but they didn't. They just won. They won in their respective catagories. I wanted the big win because they seemed to want the big win.
But I got my own problems. The world of a celebrity is entertainment and relaxation for me. I'm not getting myself into trouble, getting pregnant, dating married or otherwise engaged men, annoying anyone blah, blah, blah.
And, these are just my stupid little opinions.
I bought the John Legend cd (even my seven year old son appreciates the calming tinkle of the piano--or he's just f***** with me), the Jamie Foxx cd and the Kanye West cd. West got some Hip Hop chops. He has lyrics. It's not just a rap style. (There is a difference between Hip Hop--as in culture and rap--a rhythmic style of word delivery).
If you caught the show Foxx and West put on, well, what else can be said?
We are past the college age and the pagentry of bands but those collegic memories are the roses. I love roses.
The lack of sleep and nighmares of being hired and not actually being able to perform the duties of the job, are the thorns.
Or, it could just be me. I but like the roses.
I loved what those two did with the roses. I would have liked to watch the making of and the backstory of how they came about it.
Anyway, I have included the fan web sites of the two men.
Congradulations on your Grammy Awards Mr. West and I look forward to your continued success because us fans get something out of it too.
I have to mention that the joke thank you list dropped like dead weight. It was totally missed.
Maybe I should get a life. Nah.