Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I gotta get my nails done

I'm so sick of this weather. I'm tired of being glad for a 50 degree day in

February. When will summer get here?
But see, when it does warm up, I'll be the first to complain. *reminding self to

put a heavy duty air conditioning unit on lay-a-way--yes--LAY-A-WAY*
Who wants to swealter? But who wants to freeze?
Maybe the folk who own this building will get someone to clean up all of that

litter out there even if it is railroad property. I'd like to plant a garden. I already

bought the seeds. I got corn, peas, beans, sunflowers and some other types of

veggies and stuff. Even watermelon. The minute I plant something, we'll have

another frost. I just know it.
There is some other stuff I would like to write but I won't.
This Bloody Mary sure does make a good breakfast. I used V-8.
Anyway, I should go upstairs and make my bed. I bought a new mattress pad. I

can't wait to lay on my soft and wonderful bed. I'm going to Target today to get

some new sheets. Hopefully they won't all be $40-$60 for 350 thread count.
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I'm on Facebook too
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