Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Foxx on Leno Wednesday night

Sexy R & B singer, Jamie Foxx, was on the Jay Leno show last night chatting about his musical airing tonight on NBC and his platinum CD "Unpredictable"--which is also the "no. 1 song in the country," Foxx said.
Leno and Foxx seem to go way back to days when they both did stand up. For those of you who somehow don't know, Foxx is a comedian--a good one at that--and actor, songwriter and singer. I first took notice of his greatness as an actor in "Any Given Sunday" and of course on the "Jamie Foxx Show" which was mysteriously ripped off of the air for some reason and "In Living Color" and most recenty, "Ray." His recent CD is where I realized his depth as a songwriter and vocal range although he has had fans buy and rave over his previous releases.
Those first songs were not flukes but steps to his current status.
Leno has not yet realized the recent greatness of Foxx and his Oscar and his hard won success.
They talked about the film "Booty Call" and the good ol' days at the Comedy Store (?) and though I believe Foxx was there to promote his musical special, he hammed it up, joking and laughing. (Too bad Arsenio isn't still here. Hey, where is Byron Allen? He deserves a primetime talk show.)
Foxx is still normal and down-to-earth--unless he was just ON last night and is totally Hollywood. Being in the public eye can sometimes affect how one interacts with the world and people around them. Foxx is handsome and humorous and intelligent, (I like that in a man)so it is easy for an insecure man to become envious.
And his taste in clothing is to die for. His ensemble was comprised of security guard type pants in what looked to be gray wool with the stripe down the leg, v-neck sweater, shirt, velvet(?) blazer and the most wonderful pair of shoes in black and white. (I dunno, we were at the Cave and I had all the folk up in there watching Jamie and cheering him on--yes ma, we were drinking--and I am a little blurry on detail.)
But ifn Jamie Foxx wasn't famous he'd still be a cool broa to hang with and all--bet. Forreal tho.
And if you are at all wondering why I am writing about this man (who obviously doesn't need much help to shine) it is because he has really been achieving his career goals lately and I am proud of him.
And because folks in our age group hardly ever get to have our opinions heard or have someone like Foxx speak our language to our generation. (we ain't Baby Boomers and are too mature for the lower rungs of Gen X) He and Kanye West are really doin' the damn thing.

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