Saturday, June 25, 2005

I Know Some Really (nice) People...

I Know Some Really nice People and They Act Like I don't Know.I don't want to have to write this blog but someone has to say it.And I'm only saying it because I really like you. Thank you for being so nice up but find some way to be humble.
Humility is God's gift to us. It prevents us from being insufferable know-it-all, pains-in-the-ass idiots to the rest of the human race.Humility stops other folks from disliking you.Humility brings knowledge and self discovery. I no longer avoid humbling experiences but welcome them. The single most important lesson learned: how to develop good news judgement.
Not every word, idea, is "fit to print," to quote the New York Times.But back to you. Do things the right way, damn.
Ask the Washington Post editor who was in charge during the Watergate Scandle. He's still a little skittish. (I know. I tried to congradulate him at an SPJ convention in Florida one year and he nearly jumped out of his skin. The man literally skittered away out of the crowd.)He don't want none--okay?Ask him why if you can catch up to him.
Okay, be the judge of this:I read in well-respected Florida newspaper about migrant workers who are beginning to have babies born with birth defects. However, this phenomena has been reported among Latina and Hispanic workers as far away as Ohio--or somewhere in the Midwest, thousands of miles away from Florida.
I guess knowing about it at all, is good. Thanks reporter in Florida for the series. I really had to search the Website to find it. (although, that ain't yo fault)

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