Thursday, March 10, 2005


people are funny. its lunch hour and its getting crowded in here. a woman came in earlier, with a pained and --later i found--snotty expression on her face. as if to say what are the likes of these techies doing in her and a black one at that! well!
its almost like the woman on the three stooges when she is so appalled by the rubish behaivor of the stooges.
i dont know why folks are like that but they are. then her boyfriend or whatever came in. she was obviously waiting on him and he wasn't there when she got there and she had to wait ohim. he is obviously out of her leauge. and i know she aint paying for something. the girl's a little chunky but not ugly. i guess she likes to pay. the guy has a bald cut but a distiguished receeding hairline with a crisp cotton button down shirt and black tee underneath. Very sexy, very hot guy. She is so out of her leauge. She looks like somebody's momma for real. Very demure, respectable look.
She ought to hussy herself up a bit. Make it exciting.
He sat down making pithy convo with the young techie white guy sitting next to their table. why dont they go sit by the intimate fireplace or something. it just lets me know he not that into her. and may feel uncomfortable around large groups of whites and multi ethnics. who knows. i'm just sitting here being nosey. this is like exersice for my mind.

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