Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whassup with the Remy Ma and Lil' Kim Beef?

Found on youtube: Lil'Kim live at Shade45 with DJ Whoo Kid speaks on beef with Remy Ma--

Found on youtube: Comedy interlude on that issue and a few others--

Friday, March 28, 2008

Michael Baisden's Show off the Air in Los Angeles?

Well, I knew that something like this would happen. I am an avid Michael Baisden Show listener. A couple of days ago, the Bad Boy was sent a memo while on air asking him not to discuss the violence going on in Los Angeles.

I live in the Chicago listening area and was puzzled about said violence. Apparently, there is violence connected to the shooting of a high school football player who was murdered steps from his home in L.A. by an illegal Mexican immigrant recently released from jail. Apparently, Mr. Baisden was going to discuss it on his show that day and was asked not to do so by station managers and or producers. The Los Angeles radio station that carries his nationwide syndicated show threatened to take him off of the air in L.A. if he discussed the violence that has ensued there behind the senseless killing of yet another promising Black youth.

The Bad Boy was flabbergasted that he would be asked not to reach out to the community in which he too lives.
Yesterday it was announced that the station in L.A. was being sold and they would not keep his show on the air for whatever reason.
This is a travesty. How can that station's owners deprive all of L.A. of Michael Baisden? Every black person with ears listens to this man and some whites and Hispanics and everybody!
Why attack the messenger?

Michael Baisden is a very popular afternoon drive time radio talk show host. He is a connection between all of us in this country who want to be involved in our community.

But naw--not talking about things like single parenting, race relations, male/female relations, personal finance is best for L.A.
Why not take Rush Limbaugh off of the air? I don't listen to him nor do I think what he says is important. He is divisive and should be investigated by the FBI for interfering in the US Election process. However, to my knowledge he can keep spreading his typhoid across the airwaves unchecked.

I hope the people of Los Angeles stand up for Michael Baisden and his show--and in effect, themselves. They should sound off to the new owners and ask for a reversal of the decision to end the Bad Boy's show.
Mike also said that listeners who want to stay in touch should go to and sign up for the newsletter.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barack Obama N.Y. Economic Speech video

I blinked and it was over. I switched from channel to channel and no one was there. By the time I got to sit at my desk to stream Dem. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's speech on the economy, he was wrapping it up and saying good day folks.

Well, there was breakfast to make and waiting for the computer to boot up just to get the stream, but it wasn't like last time.

Obama was on every channel and there was lengthy commentary afterward. Matter of fact there was more chatter about Rev. Wright during Obama's economic speech than any commentary on the speech itself.
Once again I had to scourge the 'net to find out what was said.
However, behind the speech about repairing the economy, of course Fox, msnbc and the crew were still talking about race and Jeremiah Wright.

The economic plan Sen. Obama talked about was stumped by racist news politics. Most of these people aren't Obama supporters and aren't going to vote for him so why should Obama and his supporters care. Like Rev. Wright or not.

Does Rush Limbaugh care about how a black democrat feels about stuff--or anyone in the GOP? No, they don't. They don't even seem to care about the poor and jobless who still want to cling to so-called conservative GOP values--the folk in their own party.

So, why should Sen. Obama care about a racist that has no plan to cast a vote in his favor? No one is going to appease the racist news poltical commentator ever again.

Anyway, I'm still looking for that video. Okay I found the video.

Who Wants Milk?

Wal-Mart Offers Private Label Milk Produced Without Artificial Growth Hormone

Suppliers pledge to provide milk from cows not treated with rbST

BENTONVILLE, Ark., March 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wal-Mart announced today that its Great Value milk is now being sourced exclusively from cows that have not been treated with artificial growth hormones like recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST). Sam's Club is also exclusively offering milk selections from suppliers that have pledged not to treat cows with rbST.

While the FDA has stated that milk from cows treated with rbST poses no risk to human health, many Wal-Mart customers have expressed a desire for milk choices. Today's announcement is evidence that Wal-Mart is committed to keeping its product selection in line with what customers expect to find when shopping its stores.

"We value our customers' opinions and understand how important variety is in all aspects of the business," said Pam Kohn, senior vice president, general merchandise manager, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. "We've listened to customers and are pleased that our suppliers are helping us offer Great Value milk from cows that are not treated with rbST."

Wal-Mart's entire dairy selection -- including organic and conventional offerings -- meets USDA and FDA standards. Suppliers of the company's Great Value milk have pledged to source exclusively from cows that have not been treated with artificial growth hormones.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stand Up for Your Rights as an U.S. Employee


"Most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country..."

CNN Special

Hoping to prove that Martin Luther King, Jr., was under the influence of Communists, the FBI kept the civil rights leader under constant surveillance.

The agency's hidden tape recorders turned up almost nothing about communism.

But they did reveal embarrassing details about King's sex life -- details the FBI was able to use against him.

Hot Tranny Mess: Man pregnant with baby girl

Story found on
March 26, 2008. (AP) An Oregon man who used to be a woman says he is pregnant with a baby girl.
Thomas Beatie's first-person story appears in a recent issue of The Advocate, a Los Angeles-based newsmagazine for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people.

Monday, March 24, 2008

What I learned on Easter

Based on a general, non-denominational, non-interpretive, reading of the text of Jeremiah 31:31-34, the following points are discernible:

The New Covenant is established by God himself.[2]
The New Covenant is made with the "house of Israel" and the "house of Judah".[3]
The New Covenant is not like the broken covenant made with Moses at Mount Sinai.
Unlike the broken covenant (Jer 11), the New Covenant is kept by its members.[4]
Characteristics of the members of the New Covenant:[5]
The law of God is written in their thinking and their affections.
The LORD, i.e. YHVH, will be their God, and they will be his people.[6]
Every single member of the New Covenant "knows the LORD" in an intimate way.[7]
The sins of the members of the New Covenant are forgiven by God, and will never be recalled.

The New Covenant is accomplished by the pouring of the Spirit on man. The Law of God can be carved in human mind through the Spirit (Ezekiel 36:26-27). The result of the New Covenant is the gift of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). The requirement of the Law can be fulfilled according to the Spirit (Romans 8:4).

About Easter
According to the eighth-century theologian the Venerable Bede (who came up with the dating system of AD and BC), Easter is named for Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. She is associated with the egg and with the hare, both symbols of procreation that have been enduringly incorporated by the church in the form of Easter eggs and the Easter bunny who brings them.

John the Evangelist recorded Jesus as saying:

Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. — John 18:36 KJV

Luke the Evangelist recorded Jesus as saying:

And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. — Luke 17:20-21 KJV

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Mark 15

<< Mark 15 >>
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible

15:1-14 They bound Christ. It is good for us often to remember the bonds of the Lord Jesus, as bound with him who was bound for us. By delivering up the King, they, in effect, delivered up the kingdom of God, which was, therefore, as by their own consent, taken from them, and given to another nation. Christ gave Pilate a direct answer, but would not answer the witnesses, because the things they alleged were known to be false, even Pilate himself was convinced they were so. Pilate thought that he might appeal from the priests to the people, and that they would deliver Jesus out of the priests' hands. But they were more and more urged by the priests, and cried, Crucify him! Crucify him! Let us judge of persons and things by their merits, and the standard of God's word, and not by common report. The thought that no one ever was so shamefully treated, as the only perfectly wise, holy, and excellent Person that ever appeared on earth, leads the serious mind to strong views of man's wickedness and enmity to God. Let us more and more abhor the evil dispositions which marked the conduct of these persecutors.
15:15-21 Christ met death in its greatest terror. It was the death of the vilest malefactors. Thus the cross and the shame are put together. God having been dishonoured by the sin of man, Christ made satisfaction by submitting to the greatest disgrace human nature could be loaded with. It was a cursed death; thus it was branded by the Jewish law, De 21:23. The Roman soldiers mocked our Lord Jesus as a King; thus in the high priest's hall the servants had mocked him as a Prophet and Saviour. Shall a purple or scarlet robe be matter of pride to a Christian, which was matter of reproach and shame to Christ? He wore the crown of thorns which we deserved, that we might wear the crown of glory which he merited. We were by sin liable to everlasting shame and contempt; to deliver us, our Lord Jesus submitted to shame and contempt. He was led forth with the workers of iniquity, though he did no sin. The sufferings of the meek and holy Redeemer, are ever a source of instruction to the believer, of which, in his best hours, he cannot be weary. Did Jesus thus suffer, and shall I, a vile sinner, fret or repine? Shall I indulge anger, or utter reproaches and threats because of troubles and injuries?

15:22-32 The place where our Lord Jesus was crucified, was called the place of a scull; it was the common place of execution; for he was in all respects numbered with the transgressors. Whenever we look unto Christ crucified, we must remember what was written over his head; he is a King, and we must give up ourselves to be his subjects, as Israelites indeed. They crucified two thieves with him, and him in the midst; they thereby intended him great dishonour. But it was foretold that he should be numbered with the transgressors, because he was made sin for us. Even those who passed by railed at him. They told him to come down from the cross, and they would believe; but they did not believe, though he gave them a more convincing sign when he came up from the grave. With what earnestness will the man who firmly believes the truth, as made known by the sufferings of Christ, seek for salvation! With what gratitude will he receive the dawning hope of forgiveness and eternal life, as purchased for him by the sufferings and death of the Son of God! and with what godly sorrow will he mourn over the sins which crucified the Lord of glory!

15:33-41 There was a thick darkness over the land, from noon until three in the afternoon. The Jews were doing their utmost to extinguish the Sun of Righteousness. The darkness signified the cloud which the human soul of Christ was under, when he was making it an offering for sin. He did not complain that his disciples forsook him, but that his Father forsook him. In this especially he was made sin for us. When Paul was to be offered as a sacrifice for the service saints, he could joy and rejoice, Php 2:17; but it is another thing to be offered as a sacrifice for the sin of sinners. At the same instant that Jesus died, the veil of the temple was rent from the top to the bottom. This spake terror to the unbelieving Jews, and was a sign of the destruction of their church and nation. It speaks comfort to all believing Christians, for it signified the laying open a new and living way into the holiest by the blood of Jesus. The confidence with which Christ had openly addressed God as his Father, and committed his soul into his hands, seems greatly to have affected the centurion. Right views of Christ crucified will reconcile the believer to the thought of death; he longs to behold, love, and praise, as he ought, that Saviour who was wounded and pierced to save him from the wrath to come.

15:42-47 We are here attending the burial of our Lord Jesus. Oh that we may by grace be planted in the likeness of it! Joseph of Arimathea was one who waited for the kingdom of God. Those who hope for a share in its privileges, must own Christ's cause, when it seems to be crushed. This man God raised up for his service. There was a special providence, that Pilate should be so strict in his inquiry, that there might be no pretence to say Jesus was alive. Pilate gave Joseph leave to take down the body, and do what he pleased with it. Some of the women beheld where Jesus was laid, that they might come after the sabbath to anoint the dead body, because they had not time to do it before. Special notice was taken of Christ's sepulchre, because he was to rise again. And he will not forsake those who trust in him, and call upon him. Death, deprived of its sting, will soon end the believer's sorrows, as it ended those of the Saviour.


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Sunday, March 23, 2008


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Hollywood hardman-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has fired fellow actor CLINT EASTWOOD from the California’s parks commission - after he tried to block the construction of a controversial toll road.
The Terminator star also sacked his brother-in-law Bobby Shriver after they publicly disagreed with Schwarzenegger over plans for a toll road through a park in southern California. Shriver says he and Eastwood are shocked by the decision.
He says, "I had hoped to continue to do this work and to protect the park system from developers. It shows you how strong these developers were that were able to arm-wrestle the governor into firing us." A spokesman for the California governor says the pair’s terms had expired.

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