Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barack Obama: Tell Me What I Say!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something Like a Phenomena: "The Senator from Illinois more than holds his own"

-Keith Olbermann, MSNBC news personality and Decision 2008 Debate moderator

The tone of the debate started out as if the pair were sent to the Principal's office and Hillary was responding to allegations of less-than-lady-like behavior.

The debate picked up and turned presidential when Obama talked about the mailings that had Hillary hollerin' and the mandate Sen. Clinton has in her health care plan. She wants to make the uninsured who can afford it, buy health care (like mandatory car insurance) and fine them if they don't buy it on their own.

Then I got it--she is trying to insure the uninsurable. People

who make too much to qualify for state-sponsored health care

but can't qualify for regular insurance because of a

pre-existing illness.
It shouldn't take all of this to get a point across.

However, getting fined for not having health care is just dumb.

"The insurance companies would be happy to have a mandate"
Obama said.

Hillary does seem rather close to the insurance companies but I

haven't figured that part out yet.

Mandating parents to buy children health care is

understandable. Obama's plan should enforce that. Hillary says that won't work either.

Both are government-sponsored health care plans.

Maybe after Obama wins the nomination and then the presidency,

they can both pull the best parts from each plan and make it


Hillary's husband signed the agreement in a deal brokered with the

Republican Congress. I watched him sign it. He didn't seem to

want to and I can't remember what he got for the people out of

the deal. Clinton, when asked, said she is willing to

re-negotiate NAFTA but not get out of it.

Tim Russert got on her about it. Lots of suffering has


She said she has been fixing and duct taping NAFTA since it was

signed (my words, her meaning). It hasn't really been working

for the betterment of America and it's people.

People care about jobs, folks, j-o-b-s.

Can I get one? Can I join the union?

Obama said he would renegotiate so that it is better for the

worker (he is a Civil Rights attorney and was a Constitutional Rights professor) not corporate profits.

Times were good then and we didn't listen to the portion of the

American public who begged us not to take the deal.
Then again, this country forgets on a regular basis to buy

Obama is on top of NAFTA standards.

Foreign Policy--Obama is clearly the leader in this area. I

trust his judgement thoroughly.
He has the temperament to do this and do it well--effectively

well--not just with style and grace.

Hillary loves to jab, punch and kick. Everyone is looking for

her to take higher ground. People don't like to be pushed

around--they get defensive--something the enemy is accustomed to

doing-- taking the offensive.

(I was for the war myself--that is why I am not leading the free


We entered this war without an exit strategy. We did not fund

it properly--all of that money couldn't have gone to help soldiers stay safe. All we had to do is follow what the military

asked us to do--like give them the tools to win. The thing

about being tough is that when being tough, you have to be

really tough--no half stepping. Being tough means taking

punches--hard punches. We would rather discuss the issues like civilized people.

Tim Russert set both of them up with the "get out" of Iraq question.

When we leave, all hell will break loose over there and we will

feel it over here.
Obama's plan is workable. There is no black or white here but

many gray areas--when not considering corporate profits. It

is time to let go the hand of the oil companies and find our

own energy resources so that we have firm ground to stand on

when we interact with the warring nations. Most of this cannot

be discussed in public because it is a matter of national

security. Afghanistan is hot.

We need to keep the fireworks in the sandlot--not in American

cities. Keep your enemies closer.

I don't like Hillary's plan. The

attitude is too cavalier. (away with them!) I can see her

fanning them away and turning her head now. I would never turn

my head on them. They are out for blood and they will never

Barack took Hillary's grandstanding about his idealism in good

humor--see how he does? He didn't get defensive, he took the

opportunity to further his platform.
He plans on getting the real people real help they need to

survive. He knows what we are going through.
(Not all of us have $5 mill on hand to lend) She said she would

get $55 billion back from "special interest groups" that

Congress had been pushing into their pockets and invest it in

the middle class. Okay! How is it you have that much sway with

the special interest groups? How is it they are willing to give

back money? I smell a deal in the works. What will we lose this

time? (I'm tired of losing)
I know no one will bother to explain these things to me because

I'm not important enough. The Invisible Girl already knows she

doesn't matter. But see, it's not just me. There are lots of

Invisible Girls and Boys in this country that Sen. Obama

promises to recognize--that is why we recognize him.

(I like the idea of Green Jobs--now that is Change we can

believe in. Who wouldn't want to build a windmill?)

And in my opinion, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama won

tonight's debate.

I bet Hillary doesn't want to go first on certain questions because she believes Barack will follow or build on her response.
However, he nailed the Russia question. He is on top of things internationally.
I have so much confidence in his leadership abilities.

(We are all ignoring Tim Russert and Hillary Clinton's inability to let the Farrakhan issue go--that was over the top. Barack already had said he rejected the Minister's controversial ideas--including the ideas he has on Jewish people or Jewish issues.)

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Truth Be Told

Well, I knew the gloves would come off at some point.
First it started with Mrs. Michelle Obama. Racist folks started

hollerin' for a rope because she so eloquently told of her

Black Experience in this country. She also has a Woman's

Experience and an Under-50 Experience and a Mommy

Experience--y'all gone holler about that too? Her views are

reflective of my own about my country. They are more than valid

and I hope she continues to speak on it.

photo courtesy of
Then the Hate Express rounded the bend to Sen. McCain's

house--even though now, folks are pounding on the front doors of

the New York Times calling for blood. McCain allegedly has been known to

mess around with a pretty lobbyist that closely resembles

his rather well-preserved wife--and he allegedly lied about

it--sound familiar?
(Remember what they did to former President Bill Clinton at the

start of his presidential campaign and throughout his


Now we have Sen. Hillary Clinton hollerin' in the mike at a

press conference. Please medicate her. She always hollers and demands this or

that--most women do--in PRIVATE. Saturday Night Live had a segment on the news skit about "B*tches." It's pretty much true.
(See, when I get hollered at like that no one says anything)
Now, we have a pic of Obama in authentic Kenyan garb--So What!

The people are not so easily fooled or misled anymore since Obama stood up. He was the first presidential candidate to take a stand in this contest and the people stand behind him.
We are not going to sit back down. This country will Change and become truly inclusive and that is the final word.
We will drag this country and its naysayers kicking and screaming into the actual 21 century and they will love it!

There, I feel better now that I've said that. I had been holding it in all day. And I didn't have to holler to get my point across.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama wins Wisconsin--addresses supporters in Texas!

(I love the CNN live feed—I recently discovered it.)
The Obama rally was out-of- control with gladness and joy at the Change that is about to happen to this great nation.
The roar was deafening as Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) took stage.
“Houston, I think we have achieved lift-off here!”
“Early voting has started here in Texas and everybody has one of these cards and everybody knows you can start voting in Texas. Don’t wait until tomorrow,” he asked.
“You’re going to have to attend the caucus March 4 to get us a few more delegates.
Don’t go alone—take some friends and family to the polls,” Obama said.
He warned that the “change we seek is still months and miles away and we need the good people of Texas to help us get there. If we are blessed and honored to win the nomination we will need your help to win in November,” he said.
He also said that after the presidential election, help will still be needed to turn America around.
“What we are trying to do here will not be easy and it will not happen overnight--
it will require something more. It will take more than good ideas because Washington is where good ideas go to die. Change is needed now,” he said.
He said NAFTA took our jobs and described a supporter who told him about his first hand knowledge of what the trade agreement meant to him.
“They work for years and come to work one day and literally see the machines unbolted from the floor and sent to China,” he said.
He told the story of the woman with the blind twins who entered into a predatory loan.
Her fees doubled in two weeks and she was on the verge of homelessness and didn’t know where to turn or what to do.
“My faith in the American people has been vindicated…it is time to turn the page.”
He addressed safety standards and toys being played by our children that have lead paint.
He addressed the process of instituting an improved educational system.
“The problem is a lack of urgency,” he said.
He said the not-in-our-backyard mentality will cease.
“Every child is our problem every child is our responsibility. We will invest in early childhood education and reward teachers by giving higher salaries and giving them more support and no more teaching to the test but learning”—real learning so that this country can advance, he said.
Affordable college tuition and getting to work in the Peace Corps or another type of service to the country was also highlighted. (This is the type of work experience that a college grad can bank on.)

"...Nothing worthwile in this country has ever happened accept someone, somewhere decided to hope..."


Good Cop, Good Cop

There are still some dedicated law enforcement professionals in this world.
Fed up with all of the illegal scrapping, two Gary police officers decided to double up efforts to stop thieves from ruining homes, stealing cars for scrap and otherwise undermining our quality of life here in town.

For this, Yeah and--So What says, Thank you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Six Dead at NIU: Had school officials been warned? NIU shooter former student

UPDATE:Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) extended his help to school administrators from the campaign trail.

Six are dead including the shooter during a midday St. Valentine's mass murder on the sprawling campus of Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. Students told reporters, during witness accounts, about a previous threat to the NIU campus--racist graffiti scrawled on the wall of a bathroom.

The shooter, identified as Stephen Kazmierczak, was a NIU graduate student in the spring of 2007, school administrators said during a press conference broadcast on CLTV News in Chicago.

He was enrolled as a graduate student in the school of social work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign during the time of his fatal attack.

In all 22 people have been injured. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is processing the crime scene.

One witness described the shooter as a "skinny white guy with a stocking cap," who police say later committed suicide. Witnesses also say he was dressed in all black and didn't say anything before opening fire with a shotgun.

Witnesses told reporters there were 20 to 30 shots inside a classroom at Cole Hall while class was in session. The lecture hall was set up like an auditorium and Kazmierczak came from backstage onto centerstage, shooting into the audience of students.

A female student in the class said the shooter looked angry and that the incident began during the last 10 minutes of class.

Many were treated for head wounds, a Kishwaukee Community Hospital spokeswoman said.

Another witness said there was threatening racist graffiti against Blacks found in a restroom when asked by a reporter if the campus had any warnings of violence prior to the shooting.

That threat, though widely reported in December 2007, was mostly dismissed as an attempt by students to possibly delay finals.

However found on the web site are the comments of Mitchell Gaddis, president of the university's NAACP chapter. In December 2007 he said the slurs and threats found in a residence hall bathroom didn't come out of the blue.

Gaddis says it is unsafe for blacks to walk along Greek Row. He says blacks are tired of that.
Blacks compose nearly 13 percent of the university's 18,816 undergraduates.

NIU school officials were tightlipped when asked by reporters whether or not they think the shooting is connected to previous incidents. They said they think that it is not, however, they are investigating the link, according to reports from CNN.

Also reported is that the shooter was acting erratic in the weeks
preceeding the campus massacre and had not taking prescribed medication for an unknown illness. It is unclear who noticed Kazmierczak's behaivor change and if they tried to warn anyone of it.

The shooting happened around 3 p.m. CST and the campus was locked down within minutes. The open commuter-style campus is located in Dekalb, Illinois not far from Rockford, IL has an enrollment exceeding 25,000. Classes have been canceled until further notice. Students were asked to call their parents, many told reporters that they were going home.

However, the emergency response to the shooting was exceptionally fast.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich declared a state-of-emergency which will open the Governor’s disaster relief fund for local units of government to reimburse them for their extraordinary expenses related to the response and will facilitate the Illinois Emergency Management Agency in providing assistance to local units of government.

Gov. Blagojevich activated the State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC) to coordinate the State's response.

In addition, the State is providing on-site assistance at NIU, including Illinois State Police Northern Tactical Response team members, State Police officers and Illinois Department of Natural Resources officers who are supporting local and university law enforcement.

Specialists from the Department of Human Services are assisting the university’s metal health professionals in conducting a crisis assessment.

On-scene response included 16 ambulances, 2 air ambulances, more than 60 fire and EMT personnel, 15 Law Enforcement Officers, two mobile command posts and an Illinois Transportable Emergency Communication System.

UPDATES: The Sun-Times Newspaper
Chicago Tribune

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This just in...

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Obama: BP Permit Needs Review