Thursday, November 08, 2007

Your Site for Backgammon

If you want to improve your backgammon game visit 1 on 1 Backgammon for tips and strategies.
On the site there is information about backgammon--whether you’re looking for basic backgammon rules or strategy. They have rules for all the variations of backgammon but the site's focus is on playing backgammon for money.
The site is also geared towards online backgammon players who are looking for tips and strategies to improve their online backgammon play. Backgammon pros who have been playing the game a while and are looking to try a different type of backgammon game would be interested in the site as well.
The site also has the history of the game and related articles--all things backgammon.
There is information on Tavli and Favga--Greek backgammon; Jackquet and Narde.
Click on the link below to find out more.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rollmio Picks New Video: Thinking Green

Sales pitch (written by video creator)
There are things all around us that can be changed with a conscious choice on our part, to help preserve the environment. From transportation to city planning, it all depends on how you look at the world. Think, see, be, green.

Rollmio is a consumer generated creative network where anyone can participate as a CREATOR or PROMOTER.

As a CREATOR, you can create video commercial clips for clients(brands) in need of powerful consumer insight and fresh creativity.

As a PROMOTER, you can promote the video commercial clips you like by introducing them on your blog.

CREATORS will receive cash and prizes when their video clip is selected by the client, and PROMOTERS can earn money by promoting the selected video clips.

How to submit commercials to rollmio
Submit your video clip using the form on your “my page”.
Upon review, selected video clips will be introduced on rollmio website for Promoters to post on blogs.
If your clip is selected by the client, we'll let you know through your "my page".

How to participate
After you register, you will receive promotion requests through e-mail.
Check the video clips on your “my page”. Select one and introduce it on your blog before the deadline.
(By posting the tag located next to the video clip on your “my page” , you can post the video clip onto your blog)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Clean that Garage

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There are two rolls of old carpet, spare tires that have yet to make it in the trunk or to the junkyard, roller skates--the old fashioned kind--and loads of old high school clothes. I need some garage cabinets
to hide all of that stuff. I can barely put the car in the garage.
Someone told me about so I’m going to do something about it right away because I can’t continue to live like this.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chid abuse is not a secret

Keepers of a child abuse website are asking those who care to wear a blue ribbon every day this month to promote child abuse prevention awareness.
But National Child Abuse Prevention Month won’t only be about handing out blue ribbons. Several local agencies are increasing their visibility in the community.
Laura Newbery, founder of Children Hope and Horses, helps child abuse victims by showing children how to ride and care for horses. The program has been in existence for two years but Newbery has been a life long equestrian.
“I started when I was three or four, I know what horses have done for me over the years. They are great at building self-confidence and self esteem.
She became interested in helping children who are adopted or who have abuse in their history because of the way she was raised.
“I had very good life growing up. There is just something about child and animal abuse I don’t agree with.”
Newbery, 38, says she grew up watching her close friends go through tough times.
“I know growing up watching childhood friends and how their parents handled them – very rough. Hitting, slapping, (using) belts. You could see the fear in those children. Back then it was just one of those things – how children were raised. It was acceptable back then, times have changed for the better,” she said.
“The one girl who whose father was heavy handed – I had two ponies – she loved to spend time with the ponies. It was her quiet time,” she said.
Child abuse victims who are later adopted into an appropriate environment still need support and counseling. Sometimes the worst scars are the ones that are hardest to notice, Patrice Kelty of Child and Family Connections said.

It's Almost Christmas

It's almost Christmastime but I'm feeling a little selfish. I'm supposed to be thinking of stuff to get my family for that special holiday time but every time I set out to do so, I see stuff for myself.
I could use some new frocks and can get some with a Catherine's coupon. I haven't bought myself a new dress in years. Catherine's has a wide selection of sizes for the Rubenesque woman. While I'm at it, I should get myself some dedicates. I can get some with a Biggirlsbrasetc coupon.
Well, I guess with the money I save I could buy mom, dad and the kids something fabulous with the coupon codes I found at
Target coupons can bring some nice deals--like discounts on cool shoes the kids would actually wear. I’ve been wanting to order something so a coupon would be helpful. Mom would really love a 600 thread count down comforter and she would be surprised that I'm the one that gave it to her.
I'd be the Christmas hero.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


If anyone has any suggestions on how to make sausage better, leave a comment.
Okay, I just made some homemade sausage in my new sausage grinder. My Granny gave it to me. Right now it's boiling because I don't know another way to cure raw meat. Okay, I just checked the sausage and I overfilled one of them and the casing has burst. It smelled like a Vienna beef hot dog but it didn't taste like one.
I bought some cheap cuts of beef and pork and ground them in the grinder. Then I mixed it all together with spices and tried to re-grind it but that didn't work well so I disassembled the tube on the grinder and pushed it through into the casing by hand--literally. My hands have been covered in raw seasoned meat for about an hour. I used bleach to wash them and bleached all of the utensils before putting them into the dishwasher. Also I added tofu. I wanted an all soy sausage but I didn't know how to process that for the correct texture.

Oh and Jamie Foxx was particularly delightful singing with Rascal Flatts on the 41st Annual Country Music Awards Wednesday. He looked really good too. I guess country music is in his blood seeing how he's from Texas and all--I reckon.

Compare Insurance rates before you buy

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Insurance. Everyone has something to say about this invention but until you really need it, you tend not to appreciate it.
No one likes paying insurance premiums but it is what keeps us from utter destruction in times of need.
I remember when there was no law requiring drivers in the U.S. to have auto insurances. It was only strongly suggested to have it mostly because it protects you and because it is the right thing to do.
Assessing risk in the insurance industry is known as underwriting. Underwriters collect data to predict the likelihood one of those who they are insuring will make a claim. This process leads to billions in profits but when the actual loss occurs, billions could be paid out.
Good examples are weather-related losses and wildfires.
Many people are concerned about home insurance and car insurance.
You can compare car insurance by clicking on the underlined words in this sentence. It is good to compare prices because we all want to get the best deal we possibly can.

Why Not Chat?

Ever get bored or lonely or bored?
Once, I visited a chat room and guess what happened? I had some fun!
Lots of people don't want to be known as a person who visits a chat room but it's okay to do there isn't anything wrong with holding a conversation with someone.
We talk to people we don't necessarily know personally through the day and a chat room isn't much different.
Imagine yourself at a really nice party. Everyone is mingling and introducing themselves, your favorite music is playing in the background and suddenly, this really interesting person enters into the room. You can't decide whether to introduce yourself or not. Suddenly, the person says hello to you. You say hello back. You say, how was your day? The interesting new person says, well I've had better days or the person says that the day that they had was glorious and you have just made it that much better. Before you know it, you've talked all night but yet you haven't left your home.
That’s how it is—pretty much--when you go to a chat room. You go when you want and you leave when you want.

Paying the Bills

Well, I have to pay the bills. That is why I have chosen to sign up on several to pay-to-blog companies. I'm happy about my decision. I hope those who read my blog agree. I have found out about some really neat stuff that I would probably had never learned about if it were not for my pay-to-blog opportunities. Also, if any of you want to get in on the action, feel free to click on the review my post links that I post in the paid blog posts.
In the meanwhile, I'm learning to write ad copy--which is very exciting to me. I have always wanted to make commercials.
Also, don't forget to click on the link to your right and buy my new books. Or maybe you can donate. Click on the paypal donate link and I will continue to delight you with my take on life.