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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rollmio Picks New Video: Thinking Green

Sales pitch (written by video creator)
There are things all around us that can be changed with a conscious choice on our part, to help preserve the environment. From transportation to city planning, it all depends on how you look at the world. Think, see, be, green.

Rollmio is a consumer generated creative network where anyone can participate as a CREATOR or PROMOTER.

As a CREATOR, you can create video commercial clips for clients(brands) in need of powerful consumer insight and fresh creativity.

As a PROMOTER, you can promote the video commercial clips you like by introducing them on your blog.

CREATORS will receive cash and prizes when their video clip is selected by the client, and PROMOTERS can earn money by promoting the selected video clips.

How to submit commercials to rollmio
Submit your video clip using the form on your “my page”.
Upon review, selected video clips will be introduced on rollmio website for Promoters to post on blogs.
If your clip is selected by the client, we'll let you know through your "my page".

How to participate
After you register, you will receive promotion requests through e-mail.
Check the video clips on your “my page”. Select one and introduce it on your blog before the deadline.
(By posting the tag located next to the video clip on your “my page” , you can post the video clip onto your blog)