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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Fourth of July and The Role of Blacks During the Revolutionary War

4th of July (DC-2010)pc.004_1cBecause my post was too long, I put it on my own blog. I will share the link to the post on "The Plight of A Black Man in an Obama World." It was about the 4th of July.
Whose Revolution Was It?
"...The effort of inhuman masters to force such Negroes back into slavery at the close of their service at the front, actuated the liberal legislators of that commonwealth to pass the Act of Emancipation, proclaiming freedom to all Negroes who had thus enlisted and served their term faithfully, and empowered them to sue in forma pauperis, should they thereafter be unlawfully held in bondage." right. whatever
Apparently this man is right. Because the British were willing to enlist slaves and offer freedom, they began to win. News of this got back to the Revolutionaries and then they decided, 'yeah, we better do something with these Negros before the British get them and together, they'll win against us.'
One would think they'd welcome Negros with open arms since many of the institutions in America were filled with English loyalists.
Even still as the Americans fought to keep South Carolina and to win Eastern Florida from the Natives and the British, they still would not arm blacks. No southern gentleman of worth would dare suffer his delicate nature as to serve along side an inferior (who very well may cut his delicate throat.) In other words, they were scared to arm blacks because of the cruelty they had been shown.
"The policy of our arming slaves is in my opinion a moot point, unless the enemy set the example." General Washington said.
Well what do you expect out of a bunch of outcasts, criminals and weirdos who could not get along in civilized English society?! Our forefathers were not educated or refined, they were fighters and they got tired of the crown ripping them off, in their opinion. They didn't want to pay. And if they weren't of royal blood they would die poor, no matter how clever. So like most gangsters, they did whatever to get money. Most of them were ordered out of England as punishment. England saw it as an opportunity to expand its horizons and be rid of undesirables. But after a while they said fk England and defended the country as best they could. Sounds gang-ish, doesn't it?
Great Post.
However, this situation has changed as both black and white and brown and yellow have found a common enemy: enemies of capitalism and freedom. There are people in this world who are downright jealous of the American way of life because it works.
They don't want to join in they want to destroy. And as always we Americans will fight the enemy and win.