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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

President Obama: We have to change our minds about renewable, clean energy America

I just watched the president explain to college students at Georgetown University the importance of new energy research and clean and renewable energy and how we can't continue to depend on oil as a source of energy.

He said a time table is set to convert federal vehicles to bio fuel/flex fuel vehicles like it's done in Brazil. I hope the president can get the states on board with this idea as well.

I also don't understand the opposition to solar energy. The panels can be very small and unobtrusive. The industry has evolved considerably. I don't understand the barriers and opposition to changing the way we view energy in this country.

Also, I was happy to see news anchors discuss and explain parts of the president's speech about renewable and clean energy. That behavior goes a long way in changing attitudes about switching to clean and renewable energy.

Oh, and for those drill baby drill people: the oil industry will take the time to follow the regulations in place instead of searching for shortcuts that can endanger nature. Those regulations are for the oil industry's good as well as the good of the people.

In this video, President Obama lays out his plan for America’s long-term energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, developing more domestic energy resources, and encouraging conservation during a speech Wednesday March 30 at Georgetown University.