Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mitch Daniels: Hoosiers and Health Savings Accounts - WSJ.com

Mitch Daniels: Hoosiers and Health Savings Accounts - WSJ.com: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Health savings accounts matches by the state is still money and it is apparently money the state of Indiana does not have. If they had money to fully fund this plan, then they would not be unscrupulously kicking people off the plan by stealthy changing the mailing address to where payments are sent and then claiming not to have received payment. I have seen companies do this before to get more money out of the Indiana resident. The state gets to keep 25 percent of the contribution and you get nothing--legally. And on paper it seems as if HSAs are a great deal. Well I guess they are if they aren't being used in a scammy-type way.

That is right people. When people were needed to populate the plan so that it could appear to be a viable way to provide affordable health care insurance, Healthy Indiana Plan went out of it's way to make sure anyone who wanted health care could get health care. Now that the economy has taken a nose dive it is difficult to fund. However when the state wants to make a big show of how well they can balance a budget, cuts are made. This way it looks as if they were correct and had a good plan all along and appear to have a balanced budget. Liars and cheats go to hell. I know if they are doing this across the board they are affecting the elderly and poor. Do not balance the state budget on the backs of the elderly and the poor. I have never seen anything so poorly managed in my life.

So Obamacare in 2014, eh? Long ass wait.

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