Sunday, October 28, 2007

Manage your online poker leauge

Poker lovers everywhere will want to find out more about a new poker site, PokerDIY.
PokerDIY is a free service for connecting poker players. You can set up or join poker groups for live or online poker, schedule poker games with RSVP tracking and emails and most importantly you can manage your live or online poker league on PokerDIY.
You can even post your results in your profile.
Create your own home poker league, and define the blinds structure, duration, prizes etc.
View the latest Poker League table and see who is winning in a particular League
Create public or private Poker Leagues (public League results are shared with the world, and anyone can join) or check out the freeroll poker leauge scoreboards
Decide on your Poker League scoring system - for example - must you play in at least 3 games before your score is included? You can e-mail the latest results of a game to all players.
You can even create games that do not belong to Poker Leagues.
You can post ads for poker league players or find a poker league near you
Click on the link below to find out more:

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