Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How Do You Choose?

In this instance, I have always wondered about Netflix but now I know the service is probably not for me. See, I'm the type of person who needs support at the video store. Even if I get the DVDs through the mail, I can't figure out what movie to choose after I have picked the ones I really want to watch. Like, I'm a big fan of Nic Cage and Jamie Foxx so of course I want to see those movies first. But what about Jake Gyllenhaal--I've seen two of his movies and he was good. Should I choose this one? Well, of course I'll ask the helpful staff at Blockbuster. At lease one of their employees has seen every movie in the store and can make informed suggestions. They even know about the kiddie movies and if the themes are too adult. (Some cartoons are made for adults and yes I watch Adult Swim)
So the comparison on the Best Buys Web site is useful--matter-of-fact--the whole site is useful.
Sometimes I just cannot decided which product is best and Best Buys Comparison Reviews help me with this. The site gives me details on each product. I can tell they actually put some thought into what they have written.
Click on the link below to compare a few things for yourself:

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